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Safest SUVs On The Market

If your family is looking for a safe vehicle, bigger is better. The more sheet metal that is in between you and an oncoming car will protect your family more effectively. We have collected a list of three large SUVs that come with good to excellent safety ratings. Based on your family's preferences for a particular brand, these should give you plenty to choose from.

Deciding which SUV to buy should be a combination of price and safety. It is clear from these rankings that the most expensive vehicle, the Ford Expedition, is also the safest. Investing a little bit more money into your purchase could save a life down the road.

Ford Expedition
The Ford Expedition is a great vehicle for comfortably carrying up to 8 passengers. It starts at a reasonable price of $52,810. The huge Ford Expedition gets excellent scores for nearly all of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) ratings. For both front and side crashes, the Expedition gets a five out of five star rating, which is perfect. Rollover performance depends on whether your Expedition is equipped with 4WD. The Ford Expedition 4WD gets a four out of five star rating for rollover. The Ford Expedition 2WD only gets three stars out of five for rollover.