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COVID-19 Potential Link To Erectile Dysfunction

As more research is done and more information about the current (COVID-19) pandemic is obtained, more of the virus's effects are discovered. The link between COVID-19 and erectile dysfunction (ED) is being looked at even more keenly. The government has also imposed travel restrictions, outdoor activities, and lockdowns to implement social distancing and prevent the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

These tough measures have greatly impacted the mental and sexual health of individuals, mostly negatively. The COVID-19 virus may also potentially increase the risk of erectile dysfunction in individuals. However, more time is needed to understand both short and long-term health effects by COVID-19 fully.

COVID-19 can lead to hyper inflammation of various tissues, including your heart and blood vessels. This can disrupt blood flow in different body tissues, including those in the penis, thus making it hard to have or maintain an erection. Erectile dysfunction can also be an early sign of heart disease and related vascular conditions. COVID-19 is shown to also be able to cause such cardiovascular damages. Thus recovering COVID 19 patients are more at risk of also developing endothelial dysfunction. The potential testicular damage that a severe case of COVID-19 can deal to an individual makes it hard to ignore the possibility of COVID-19 causing erectile dysfunction. However, it is too early, and the long-term effects of COVID 19 are still being reported and researched.