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Signs & Symptoms Of Breast Cancer

If you experience sharp pain and some tenderness in the breast, the first thing you wonder is if it might be a serious condition. One of the first things that make you visit your doctor is a breast lump.

Breast cancer has various signs and symptoms in different people. Even though early-stage breast cancer does not show any symptoms, the chances of surviving are high if detected on time. A lump in the breast or your armpit is a major symptom. Other signs and symptoms might include pain, skin changes, discharge from the nipple, and a sunken nipple.

Early Signs of Breast Cancer

Here are the most common signs of breast cancer

Swelling in the Armpit or next To Collarbone

Before you notice or feel a lump, you might begin to swell. Swelling is a sign that cancer might have spread to the lymph nodes. It is vital to notify your doctor if you notice any swelling.

Lump in the Underarm or Breast

You experience a lump that does not disappear. In most cases, this is the first sign. This lump is only seen on the mammogram before you feel or see it.