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Teeth Whitening Options

Whiter teeth are what so many individuals want. They want the cosmetics that celebrities have, and this includes having whiter teeth to make a more beautiful smile. There are several methods of tooth whitening available, and most see at least moderate improvement.

In-Office Whitening

In-office tooth whitening requires a visit to your dentist. You can achieve maximum results in a very short period of time if opting for this route. It costs around $650 per visit.

The dentist will utilize a peroxide gel that will be applied to the teeth. The gums will be avoided via the usage of a rubber dam. The gel will stay on your teeth for about fifteen to twenty minutes at a time, going up to an hour maximum. This is continued until you get the results you want as long as you do not exceed an hour of time.

Professional Take-Home Kits

It is possible to get a take-home kit to do the teeth whitening yourself at home. These take longer to see results, but they do provide results. The kits range in cost from $100 to $400 dollars.

A peroxide gel is provided that is much lower in concentration than the gel your dentist would use in the office. The gel will go on the teeth either up to an hour or overnight. It is put on with bleaching trays that will sit on your teeth during the process.