Living Guide
Top-Rated Whiskeys and Bourbons

Noteworthy High-End Bourbons:

Everyone wants to have a signature drink, an "old reliable" they can count on to be there for them and the end of a hard day's work. Many bourbons scratch just such an itch. One of my current favorites is the Four Roses Yellow Label. Four Roses Yellow Label is one of the more versatile bourbons, in that it can pair nicely with almost any meal. Undertones of oak and the barrels used for soaking dominate the first taste, as it slowly smooths into a refreshingly friendly warmth of fruits, cherries, and honeysuckle.

Four Roses Yellow Label is often had in both cocktail form and on ice. To get the most mileage per glass, however, so to speak, it is recommended to drink it straight. Four Roses Yellow Label comes in at 104 proof (or 52% alcohol by volume).

W.L. Weller: 12-Year-Old Kentucky Bourbon

Now, you may look at the price of a bottle of aged W.L. Weller and scoff (each 750mL bottle will cost a whopping $470), but the taste is absolutely worth the cost. W.L. Weller created the first-ever bourbon to be derived from wheat as a secondary grain rather than rye. This gave it a slightly bitter and less sweet taste when compared to gentler bourbons, but W.L. Weller's prestige is not unearned. The bourbon is still made using the same recipe as an honor to one of the original "royals of bourbon": W.L. Weller. Weller's bourbon comes in two options: 12 years or 90 proof, and antique, which is 107 proof (or 45% and 53.5% alcohol by volume respectively).