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What To Look For When Choosing Dog Food

Dog owners and pet enthusiasts have long argued about many aspects of canine health, and this is especially true of what type of food a dog should be eating. Amid this controversy, it can be difficult to pick out which foods are good for your pet, and which could cause them some unwanted health issues.

In this article, we will go over what to look for when choosing a dog food, as well as include several highly-rated dog foods that your pet will almost certainly enjoy.

That all being said, many pets are picky when it comes to the food they're willing to eat. It may take a little bit of experimentation, and patience, to find a high quality food that your pet enjoys.

There are many considerations one should keep in mind when purchasing a dog food for their canine companion, one of which being their age.


Your pet will go through three stages during their life: puppy, adult, and senior. During these stages, your dog will need appropriate dog food that contains specific amounts of proteins and calories.